Award to the DIVA of the Crypto World in Dubai

Winner of the Best Crypto Solution Award at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 was the alternative payment method developed by Mulierum Technology is DIVA.
Offering unique blockchain technology for social media users, Mulierum was awarded the Best Crypto Solution Award at the Dubai Crypto Expo 2021.

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2021 / Mulierum, which achieved a unique first in the crypto market by adapting existing services to social media platforms and users with the payment module it developed; returned with an award from Dubai, considered one of the most important meeting places in the crypto world.

The Mulierum Project stood out as one of the surprise projects of the event and received the Best Crypto Solution Award at the Dubai Crypto Expo 2021. Followed closely by expert investors, the Mulierum Project was enthusiastically received in the crypto world with the social media module it developed.

Nearly 100 projects were presented at the event, which took place from 14 to 15 October 2021. Crypto Expo Dubai, which was attended by more than 8000 investors and professionals, is considered one of the few organizations worldwide in this field.

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Mulierum CEO Kayhan KIRMIZIGÜL commented on the award: “Crypto Expo Dubai was an organization full of surprises for us. To be honest, we continue to work with a very small team. And it was an exciting experience for us to stand out among the projects with huge budgets and teams and be worthy of this award.

I present the award to the team; Our team leaders Rami Mahfoud and Özlem Seçkiner and our great developers Tolga Küçülali and Emre Bilgac have done a great job and without them we would not have come this far.

Our thanks also go to the organising team and our investors who believed and supported us.

The Mulierum project will continue to grow. We have a long way to go. But we are on our way and we will not stop.”

About Mulierum

The crypto market is now crowded with countless coins being released on a daily basis. In such a scenario, finding a reliable coin to invest in can be an overwhelming experience. Increasing fraud, security breaches and other criminal activities are exacerbating the situation.

Mulierum aims to solve all these problems and provide investors with a safe investment. It offers fast and low-cost financial services without third-party interference. It uses decentralized blockchain technology to hold coin holders accountable for all their transactions.

The platform was developed by a team of internationally minded, young and dynamic individuals who combine technology with the working principles of social media platforms to present DIVA for the needs of modern investors.

The initial image can be a little misleading, making it look like it was only created for social media users. However, the developers have made it clear in their official statements that the service is open to everyone and will meet the needs of crypto players on a global scale. The transparency relationship that exists for the social media platforms on which it is built and for its users only serves as an additional layer of security and also makes it more authentic when assessed ethically.

Mulierum is a complete package for crypto trading. It offers DIVA as the main token that can be used for trading and matching on different platforms. Owners will also be able to earn rewards as liquidity providers for other pools. Through the Mulierum API, users can connect to third-party solutions with optimal security.

DIVA will also offer a free threshold margin that will allow users to transact without fees and grow the community by paying commission to any member who refers the service to others. Along the way, Mulierum plans to launch the Mulierum Wallet, which will also be available as a mobile app developed by its creative team, and introduce other technological advances such as node sales and crypto scanners.

The vision of the development team is to create a platform that overcomes barriers to crypto trading and provides a service that is immune to economic ills. The Mulierum ecosystem will act as a cushion of support for retail investors who often fear illegal practices in the digital financial landscape and take a step back when investing in cryptocurrency. Mulierum’s approach to this issue is very clear. Mulierum will not allow anyone to engage in or attempt to engage in illegal work.

Mulierum strives to provide important data security to all its users and maintains their anonymity in the field of digital trading. With all its impressive features and moral support, it aims to revolutionise the cryptocurrency market and set higher standards for future services.



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