Mavs Giving Away $100 In Crypto To Celebrate New Voyager Digital Partnership: Everything To Know

The Dallas Mavericks inked the franchise’s first international deal this week with Voyager Digital (TSX: VOYG) one of the fastest-growing, publicly traded cryptocurrency platforms in the United States.

The five-year exclusive, integrated partnership has a three-fold mission: make cryptocurrency more accessible through educational and digital programs, plus reach the global audience with activations and create innovative and transformative fan engagement programs.

Even more exciting? The Mavs are giving away free bitcoin worth $100 to anyone who downloads the Voyager Digital app until Oct. 30 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

Here’s how it works:
· Download the Voyager Digital mobile application
· Create an account using the code MAVS100
· Next, deposit $100 and trade a minimum of $10 to unlock your $100 reward
· Most importantly, join the thrilling crypto game and have fun investing!

Mavs governor Mark Cuban and Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich announced the new Mavs-Voyager alliance at a Wednesday press conference with several players in attendance, including Jalen Brunson, Dorian Finney-Smith, Maxi Kleber, Frank Ntiliknina and Dwight Powell.

[To watch the replay of the press conference, read the official press release and view photos from the event, visit here].

The timing of the Mavs-Voyager partnership  is perfect for crypto-curious fans who want to start investing now.

“I think working together, we’re going to be at the forefront of innovation,” Cuban said. “We’re going to come up with new ways to introduce Mavs fans to cryptocurrency and help them understand it. You know, there’s a lot of hype, there’s a lot of discussion, but most people don’t understand the fundamentals behind it. We’re going to try to bring that level of education to our fans and to our joint customers.

So what are the fundamentals and why should MFFLs care?

To put it simply: there’s untapped potential in the future of digital currencies and it’s an attractive investment for novice investors who might only have $100 to start. That’s where Voyager enters the picture.

The company is a mobile crypto broker that offers commission-free trading on more than 60 cryptocurrencies, with crypto services both for individuals and institutions (stay with me here).

In other words, it’s a way to earn high returns while also getting skin in the game and the Voyager platform makes the process easy and simplified for fans of all ages (trust me, I set mine up in less than three minutes). The 60+ crypto assets allows you to build a diverse portfolio from a single account.

“We’re really excited and this is our first foray into a team sport,” Voyager CEO and co-founder Steve Ehrlich said. “Everything we do at Voyager is about partnerships and partnering with the right people.”

Ehrlich explained that Cuban is a leader in the cryptocurrency world and his deep understanding of the digital-asset space makes this partnership valuable to Voyager Digital.

As part of the deal, Voyager also receives naming rights to the Mavs Gaming Hub, the official gaming venue and digital home court of the Mavs’ NBA 2K League team. It’s also the venue that hosted Wednesday’s press conference.

The official announcement of the Mavs Gaming Hub’s new name will be later revealed.

“Really the whole key is not just the affiliation and (activations) with the Mavs, but it’s the education we want to bring,” said Ehrlich, who has been a veteran in the capital market industry for over 25 years.

“Education is really important for us. There’s a lot for people to learn. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin have all been around for 10 plus years, but people are just starting to learn about it, literally in the last nine months. You’ve seen this explosion of people having interest in cryptocurrency. To use a basketball term, we’re still in the first half of the first quarter in teaching people about cryptocurrency. And it starts here. It starts now in Dallas.”

So who better to teach the fundamentals and the early stage of the crypto game than the Mavs players themselves? At Wednesday’s press conference, five players – officially dubbed as “team crypto-enthusiasts” by Cuban — asked questions to simplify the Voyager process for the everyone.

We’ve highlighted their questions below, with Cuban’s and Ehrlich’s answers in an easy-to-understand format.

And most of all – don’t forget to download the Voyager app in the next 36 hours to score your free $100 and start investing.


Steve Ehrlich: It’s really easy to get your account. That’s one of the advantages of Voyager. You can actually download the app and fund your account and trade in three minutes or less. We make it really simple. We have a very easy-to-use and integrative platform that allows you to get engaged in the crypto market very quickly. That’s one of the values of Voyager. You’ll be trading in three minutes or less.


Steve Ehrlich: It’s the user interface that makes it really easy for people to use. It was really intuitive by doing that and that’s how we set out when building the company. We’ve only been in business for three years. We wanted to make it very easy to get people engaged into the app and trade and engage with cryptocurrencies. We have our own community and our Voyager Token that allows you to participate in the community to learn more about crypto. (There’s the) easy-to-use 65 coins right now and then you get to earn some safety coins right now. You get to create some wealth through the app, so we’re really excited where it’s going.

[Reporter’s Note: The Voyager Token (NGX) is the native cryptocurrency of Voyager. It enables users to seamlessly exchange cryptocurrency for another, which gives you the freedom to gauge potential price increases. The main advantage is that it enables staking, which is a fancy word for earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies. Through staking, VGX holders can boost crypto earning potential even higher with 7% staking rewards. To learn more, click here.]

Mark Cuban: I know for me, it was really easy. I took some of my MATIC tokens that I owned and transferred them over because Voyager paid a higher interest rate, or return rate, than the application that I was using before. So it was really easy. They give you a wallet address and you just go into your MetaMask, or whatever you’re using, and you send it to that destination address, and it shows up an hour later. You start earning more money. So right immediately, I was earning more when I went over to Voyager. With Voyager, the pricing has been far, far better. And so, if you’re paying attention and want to get the best price, Voyager is a great platform for it.


Steve Ehrlich: It’s never too late and, actually, now is the right time. I still think it’s the first half of the first quarter on crypto adoption. There are some numbers that I used in a Crypto 101 education platform that I used for NFL players. About 220 million people have crypto right now and we (anticipate) a billion in four years. So that shows you where we can actually go with crypto and crypto adoption. Now the comparison there is the internet. It took the internet 8 years, for the same time frame, for the internet to grow that fast. So it’s a great time to enter the space and learn more. You have to come in and educate yourselves and we help with that. You want to learn more and that’s the key. You really want to learn what you’re doing.

Mark Cuban: You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to learn. It’s not like the stock market where it’s almost impossible, except on a few platforms, to spend $10 and get started. My now 12-year-old son got me in Dogecoin when it was less than a penny. I was like “let’s do this” because it’s a cheap way for him to learn how all of this works. While you have to put in a $100 to get the $100 bonus the next two days, if you don’t have a hundred dollars and you just want to download the app and put in $5 and buy SHIBA INU (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE), there’s a lot of ways to inexpensively start.


Steve Ehrlich: Enter small and just learn a little bit. Start small and I think it’s always wise to start financial investments small and then work your way up. As you start learning more and understanding more, then you can start increasing from there. But I think it’s always a wise place to start.

Mark Cuban: Yeah, you’re spending your money, so always be careful. But the other thing, look, there’s investments, things like SHIBA INU and Dogecoin, those aren’t investments. But Voyager…this is a good way to learn and it’s something you can do on your smart phone. You can start getting into this and saving your money and that’s just a unique opportunity.

[Reporter’s Note: this is the space I’m in (the $100-just-beginning-this-is-brand-new-to-me space). Which is perfect and a great place to start. The app was really easy to download and get started and education is the key part. Prior to yesterday, the word cryptocurrency scared me, but after taking their advice, I realized it’s actually kind of fun. I suspect there are others out there in a similar boat, so have no fear. If ever you wanted to get started, Voyager is the way to go, especially with the $100 incentive]. 


Steve Ehrlich: Yes, we definitely are. We’re hoping to be in Europe by the end of March 2022. We recently just got approval from the AMF in France, which is very hard to get. I think we’re the only cryptocurrency platform that has that approval in France. It allows us to enter France, which we will, and that will be the first country we enter in Europe. Then we’ll be able to get customers in the rest of Europe. We’re excited about that.



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