Top 5 Best Digital Analytics Software in 2022: Improve Your Sales and Digital Marketing Strategies!


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Digital analytics process data from various sources to help businesses keep track of their products/services and performance online. Armed with reliable data, companies can improve their sales management through digital marketing analytics as a response to assess which part of their performance is successful and lacking.

With coordinated data comes opened doors for amplified insights and marketing efforts to boost the company’s sales. Digital analytics should include data and influence salespeople and marketers to take a step in magnifying their performance. Consequently, this calls for knowing which digital analytics tools are proficient to use.


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#1 LeadLander

Landing on the top of the best digital analytics software is LeadLander. Businesses that utilize this software can identify specific prospect/customer traffic to their website. In other words, LeadLander’s digital marketing analytics creates a manageable pipeline for businesses to boost their sales.

LeadLander offers a product that serves as both a sales tool and a digital & marketing analytics tool.

With a data-driven marketing effort, companies that use LeadLander connect with opportunities that may have been missed otherwise. Essentially, LeadLander helps sales and marketing teams be in the right place at the right time.

What Is a Digital Analytics Software Like LeadLander?

LeadLander is a digital analytics software launched by an established group of lead generation, sales development, and website analytics experts. The software is rooted in the idea of delivering more leads to salespeople.

Specifically, LeadLander augments a business’ inbound and outbound sales through the lens of digital marketing analytics. Equipped with the digital analytics tool, companies get precise details about the visitors to their website.

The competitive advantage LeadLander has over other digital analytics software is that they go beyond traditional web analytics systems by offering precise details about website visitors. LeadLander not only allows you to monitor existing prospects but also identifies brand new opportunities that you are not yet engaged with. This information enables salespeople to focus on leads with the highest value.

LeadLander’s strategy is to keep things simple and to make navigation easy. A variety of customization options complement the value of meeting the needs of each user.

LeadLander provides unrivaled support. The team at LeadLander offers customer service beyond support to help businesses use the information strategically. With that, digital analytics software is not just for data-viewing but also for enhancing sales and marketing efforts.

What Benefits Does Digital Analytics Like LeadLander Include?

LeadLander upstages not only other digital analytics tools with deeper data and IP reconciliation but also the capability to be used as a digital marketing analytics tool.

The system provides metrics about most active website visitors, highest activity pages, geolocation data, and tracking for your advertising activity via networks like Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Integrations with outbound email campaigns, web forms, CRM, and other systems easily sync data from inbound and outbound sources.

This data gives their users valuable marketing metrics that can direct retargeting efforts to the highest value prospects and customers.

LeadLander’s platform delivers real-time email reports & alerts to help track whenever high-valued companies visit the website. Supporting data includes tracks of visitors’ entire journey across the website, including a list of all pages visited, timestamps for each page, and any search & referral data.

On top of that, LeadLander also creates a paragon of services with the following benefits:

  • Identifies new leads

  • Provides pipeline accuracy for reliable sales forecasting

  • Validates interests from sales outreach and cold calls

  • Syncs inbound leads with digital marketing campaigns

  • Provides real-time notifications from new and returning spectators on websites

  • Accesses a track of dynamic visitors history on the website, alongside click path activity

  • Identifies a steady flow of warm leads to fill businesses’ sales funnel and marketing campaigns

With these benefits, LeadLander proved to be an ideal tool not just for salespeople looking to find new leads but also in measuring response to any of their outreach efforts. The platform also delivers key marketing metrics to help marketing teams guide their remarketing efforts.

Why LeadLander Is Among the Best Digital Analytics Tools

LeadLander’s strengths come from doing more than a simple IP lookup to identify anonymous visitors. They also source their own proprietary contact database that has been mapping IP data from additional sources over the past 15 years. This delivers the best data on anonymous website visitors even in today’s “Work From Home” and remote work environments. Paired with an easy-to-navigate interface (newly launched in January 2022), dedicated support, and a highly competitive price model, LeadLander delivers a best-in-class product offering to keep a steady flow of leads filling your sales funnel.

Google Analytics

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#2 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s own web analytics tool, essential for website and business’s digital performance. Everyone can use this tool long as they have their own Google account.

Getting started with the tool is easy. Most of the time, users can track key metrics in an instant. However, unlike other digital analytics tools, Google’s gets more complex over time. But getting used to it will reward users, especially businesses with more benefits.

Google Analytics tool gives more opportunities for optimization when websites bring relevant data. Users and businesses can also gain ideas on how to improve their business sales at large.

What Is a Digital Analytics Software Like Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, or GA, coordinates with other Google services, making it easy for marketers who use its services for marketing. In this way, GA can track the performance and hand it over to the Google Analytics account.

GA provides web data that would note the performance of a website. This, in return, will amplify the chance of return investment integrated into starting a business or a website.

The tools given by Google analytics is a fast-paced machine that will instantly track a website’s activity, including the factors that could lead to the recent performance of a particular site.

In addition, with data on hand, Google Analytics can help businesses improve their digital presence.

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What Benefits Does Digital Analytics Like Google Analytics Include?

  • Easy to get started

  • Help find the target audience

  • Tracks online and offline traffic

  • Understands and reports user behavior

  • Can let users customize reports and data

  • Gives suggestions for business improvement

  • Both a search engine optimization and content marketing tool

#3 MixPanel

Coming for the third spot is MixPanel. The data analytics tool is designed for self-serving designers, product managers, and even engineers to answer their questions on the relationship between user behaviors and products.


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MixPanel commits to allowing project teams access user behavior analysis to engage in the creative process of improving their services. This tool mainly serves as a sales funnel to boost the performances of their users’ websites.

What Is a Digital Analytics Software Like MixPanel?

Digital analytics like MixPanel enables users to analyze how visitors and purchasers interact with online products and services. The presented data will help identify trends in user behavior and decision-making correlated with a company’s product or service.

MixPanel has an event-based and user-centric model that connects every recorded interaction to a single visitor on any website. This data model acknowledges every aspect pointed to a visitor’s footprint. At the same time, they also offer ways to optimize user engagement.

The difference with MixPanel and other data analytics tools is that it uses a simple and standardized model to automatically track dimensions present on the site activity,

What Benefits Does Digital Analytics Like MixPanel Include?

  • Has a point and click analytics

  • Creates mobile surveys for site visitors

  • Suggests customer engagement ways

  • Has an A/B testing and retention features

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

  • Has auto tracks, annotates, and bookmarks option

  • Offers versatile data visualization and visual coding

#4 Heap Analytics

Another digital analytics tool landing in the top 5 is Heap Analytics. Compared to other tools, Heap offers a variety of tools to capture every action taken on a website.


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Often compared with Google Analytics, Heap serves a manifold of features that will track a website’s performance based on just the presence of its visitors. They provide data to allow businesses to peek into a customer’s journey interacting with their products and services.

What Is a Digital Analytics Software Like Heap Analytics?

Heap Analytics notes every action a customer had done during their stay on a website. It analyzes clicks, page views, taps, swipes, form submissions, and other activities relevant for data to be viewed by users.

The digital analytics tool assesses how actions were done on a website. Additionally, it tracks what particular type of customer clicked by looking at the customers’ segment where they belong. Because of this, Heap can also serve as a marketing analytic tool so business and website owners can expand the digital experience of their users.

Other services offered by Heap are that they can help business and website owners manage the data provided while letting them understand every feature’s purpose.

What Benefits Does Digital Analytics Like Heap Analytics Include?

  • Easy to set up and implement

  • Automatically surfaces anomalies

  • Automatically merge anonymous and identified behavior

  • Provides complete historical data and new user behaviors

  • Ability to track users across devices, platforms, and channels

  • Audits, verify and modify user behaviors and events recorded

#5 Klipfolio

Among other digital analytics tools, Klipfolio is another data platform to consider. The cloud-based web app can bring data to life with the help of its products and services. Besides creating timely data, Klipfolio also brings and suggests effective decisions for businesses to further optimize their digital performance.


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Klipfolio provides essential information to help business and website owners to track and organize site activity. Another thing about this tool is it can enable historical comparison, which is helpful for businesses to see their progress over time.

What Is a Digital Analytics Software Like Klipfolio?

Klipfolio can help businesses and website owners access data from different cloud applications. They will also let them know what type of data is needed to track and assess the company’s performance. Klipfolio also enables editing data sources to create Klips and metrics.

To easily sight given data, Klipfolio will let business and website owners create a visual graph like a table and bar chart to simplify the collected data. This will be seen on a dashboard that users can customize.

With data on hand, Klipfolio will allow collaborative activity on created dashboards and metrics by sharing them with others. The data distribution keeps companies knowledgeable about trends on their website and takes action later on.

What Benefits Does Digital Analytics Like Klipfolio Include?

  • Allows data discovery and management

  • Tracks relevant data activity on a website

  • Creates dashboards to help visualize data

  • Lets website owner share their data to take action

Digital analytics is vital for businesses to dive deeper into their customers’ behavior to assess relevant data that will help provide suggestions. Equipped with data and knowledge, business and website owners can expand their digital footprint to boost sales and promotion; hence, digital analytics should also be a marketing analytics tool.

A mixture of digital and marketing analytics tools will be useful for businesses to optimize their presence online and seek more purchasers.

To this degree, businesses can produce better results not only for their products and services but also for their customers’ experience. All while maintaining their number of visitors and engagements provided by their digital performance.

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